Monday, 6 September 2010

Gemma Correll

Its time to meet some toy shop contributors,first up is the lovely Gemma Correll...

Gemma Correll is a freelance illustrator, coffee drinker and sometime ukelele player, based in deepest, darkest England. When she is not drawing podgy little characters annotated with mildly amusing phrases, she enjoys playing songs from Broadway musicals on her keyboard (yes, she is stuck in the 90s) and taking her pug, Mr Norman Pickles, for midnight walks. Gemma has exhibited her work in galleries and shop windows around the world and her artwork has been reproduced on everything from placemats to T-shirts to umbrellas. She has also had her work published in various books, annuals and magazines.
Gemma’s artwork is has been described as “the perfect combination of ugly and cute”, which she hopes is a compliment. Her work is naive, simple and sometimes funny. But not necessarily funny ha-ha. She is influenced byvintage childrens books, kitsch holiday souvenirs, people and animals that she has seen or met, overheard conversations, childhood memories and above all, the consumption of large amounts of caffeine. Gemma dreams of one day owning a house somewhere warm, with a mezzanine, pretty curtains and space for several small squishy-faced dogs and a few fluffy kitties.
To see some more of her work click here

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