Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sneek Peek

Heres a sneeky peek behind the closed toy shop doors..
Evgenia Barinova has been painting, its all now finished and looks amazing, heres a sneek look at her in progress..

And a tiny sneeky peep at look into Elroy the elephants eye's by the great Lord Whitney..

Opening tomorrow at 6PM!

Rob Jones

Meet Rob Jones, and his great work, he will be exhibiting a print especially for the toyshop...

Rob Jones is an illustrator from Kent/ London and is one part of the Wolfwind Collective.

Rob is inspired by the psyche, stories, magick, people and is at his happiest when painting.

To see more of his work click here

Sarah Abbott

Sarah has created two lovely prints especially for the toy shop. Heres a bit more about here and some of her work...

Sarah is an artist/illustrator from the north of england. She graduated from manchester metropolitan university in 2009 with a BA (hons) degree in fine art. She tries to make work that's simple, quiet and subtle. She is inspired by connections and moments where everything seems to make sense, versus those times when you don't feel so connected.

You can see more of her work here

Monday, 27 September 2010

Mike Redmond

Mike Redmond is currently studying at the Royal College Of Art, for the Toy Shop, he has created two rubix cubes, with faces on, they are exceedingly good. Heres a bit more of his work below..

Mike is inspired by and collects glow in the dark objects, deep sea references and dinosaurs.
To see more of his work click here

Lord Whitney

Welcome to the curious, make believe world of Lord Whitney...

Lord Whitney are a Leeds based creative duo, specialising in photography, illustration, set design, and art direction. With a playful approach to their work and just the right amount of eccentricity the duchesses of all things make believe create life sized illustrations from everyday objects and a little imagination.

They will be creating and exhibiting an oversized toy elephant alongside some photographs, to see more of their work click here

Daniel Frost

Daniel Frost is a fantastic illustrator, that has just graduated from the Royal College Of Art, he will be showing a series of mobiles, at the toy shop, here is some of his work below.

His work is inspired by stories long or short. Drawing reference from toy figures, miniature paintings and adventure novels he creates his own worlds and characters that caper on the pageand act out narratives. He is inspired by fiction and memories.

To see more of his work click here

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Owen Gildersleeve

Owen Gildersleeve will be exhibiting at the toy shop with his playful unique style. Here's a bit more about him...

Owen Gildersleeve is a designer and illustrator based in London. He graduated from The University of Brighton in 2008, and has since worked for a range of international clients including The Tate, The Guardian and Scientific American. His work explores a range of 2D and 3D styles, and he finds great enjoyment in experimenting with new materials and techniques.

To see more of his work click here

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Toy Shop Promo

Here are some promotional screenprinted onto balsa wood toyshops! They are being sent off this week, If you want one let me know. Thankyou to the amazing John Butcher for screenprinting.

Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson will be showing his amazing print, behind the scenes, also for sale at Toy Shop,along with some 3d work.

Jack Hudson is a freelance illustrator and designer currently living and working in the city of Bristol. When he is not sat at his desk drawing and scanning pencil and gouache drawings, he is either drinking coffee, eating falafel, playing/watching gigs or cycling around town looking for nice trinkets to hoard.

He gains his inspiration from 1960’s sci-fi posters, Studio Ghibli films and Attenborough nature programmes. Jack is also keen to illustrate and create his own stories that include some weird and unusual characters which often contain
an element of humour in some way, shape or form
He gains his inspiration from 1960’s sci-fi posters, Studio Ghibli films and Attenborough nature programmes. Jack is also keen to illustrate and create his own stories that include some weird and unusual characters which often contain an element of humour in some way, shape or form.

Evgeina Barinova

Evgenia Barinova will be painting on the wall of Toyshop!,Plus showing some handmade painted toys. Here's a bit more about her..

Evgenia was born and lived in Russia for 22 to years until she came to study to England in 2009 and began her adventures in the world of illustrationShe is very much inspired by her cultural heritage, russian folklore, religious paintings, childrens books and toys and is always happy to share her passions with others through the works she produces, as long as it brings smiles on peoples faces.

Richard Sanderson

Richard Sanderson will be showing a risograph print for the Toy shop. Richard is an Illustrator
working primarily in pencil and print
Originally from the Suffolk countryside, he studied at Bristol UWE and now resides in London & works from the Ilex Works studio in StokeNewington.
He enjoys the process of experimentation in image making, and capturing the playful
details in everyday objects.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Anthony Zinonos

Next up is Anthony Zinonos , he will be exhibiting in Toy shop, here are some of his his amazing collages.

Anthony Zinonos is a Norwich based artist/illustrator, producing mostly handmade collages fueled by coffee and car boot sales. He is a member of the WAFA collective and proud owner of a pug called Mr Norman Pickles.

To see more of Anthony's work click here

Jen Collins

Jen Collins will be exhibiting work, alongside a small run of prints available for sale.

Jen is an illustrator living in Scotland. Things that make her happy include sunny mornings, the prospect of small adventures, meeting & collaborating with other creative people and finding excellent things in second hand shops.
Using a variety of materials, mainly pencil & ink, her work focuses on objects, colours & words that inspire her, often involving phrases or imagery that she hopes others can relate to or be inspired by.

To see more of Jen's work click here

Gemma Correll

Its time to meet some toy shop contributors,first up is the lovely Gemma Correll...

Gemma Correll is a freelance illustrator, coffee drinker and sometime ukelele player, based in deepest, darkest England. When she is not drawing podgy little characters annotated with mildly amusing phrases, she enjoys playing songs from Broadway musicals on her keyboard (yes, she is stuck in the 90s) and taking her pug, Mr Norman Pickles, for midnight walks. Gemma has exhibited her work in galleries and shop windows around the world and her artwork has been reproduced on everything from placemats to T-shirts to umbrellas. She has also had her work published in various books, annuals and magazines.
Gemma’s artwork is has been described as “the perfect combination of ugly and cute”, which she hopes is a compliment. Her work is naive, simple and sometimes funny. But not necessarily funny ha-ha. She is influenced byvintage childrens books, kitsch holiday souvenirs, people and animals that she has seen or met, overheard conversations, childhood memories and above all, the consumption of large amounts of caffeine. Gemma dreams of one day owning a house somewhere warm, with a mezzanine, pretty curtains and space for several small squishy-faced dogs and a few fluffy kitties.
To see some more of her work click here